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Do you feel physically tense,
anxious or tired?

Do you want to take a breather and reset?

Do you want to get in touch with yourself again to clarify your thoughts?

A healing session can help you to feel better about yourself, to come back to yourself and to breathe. During a healing session I use a combination
from acupressure, local relaxation massage, reflexology, reiki, chakra, scent therapy and sound healing.
Depending on what you need at that moment... together we will look for the source (or core) where these blockages and energies in your body have settled.
after this treatment you are free of your physical and mental blockages. You gain insight into your coping mechanisms and how you deal with your daily stress.
You feel the difference between complete surrender of trust and the unconscious control stress you experienced before the treatment.
you are motivated to take care of yourself.
you recognize how you can increase your resilience.

By repeating these sessions regularly you keep balance between body and mind.


The effects after a treatment:

  • Complete relaxation

  • Reducing stress

  • Free from blockages, both physical and mental

  • Understanding your triggers and coping mechanism

  • Back in touch with body and mind


Because I believe that a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful appearance can also have a major impact on your mental well-being,  I work from a holistic approach and therefore, in addition to various therapies, I also offer probiotic / intestinal-friendly nutritional advice and beauty treatments. By working on different levels (spiritual, emotional, physical and mental) my mission is to increase your general well-being.  




Tarieven voor een behandeling van een uur zijn 65€

35% korting
Op vertoon van omnio statuut of RVT

(vraag aan bij uw ziekenfonds)

  • Ontspannende therapeutische massage

  • Shiatsu/ accupresuur

  • Voetreflexologie

  • Kutumi therapie

  • Chakra therapie

  • Cranio sacraal massage

  • Cupping therapie (wet)

  • Cupping massage (glas) 

  • Infrarood behandeling

  • regressie therapie

  • Probiotische voedingsadvies

  • Hifu en beaty behandelingen

  • Microneedling /mesotherapie

indien gewenst kan er een behandeling samengesteld worden op locatie

Because of my own experiences, traumas and blockages, I started years ago on a quest for healing and enlightenment.

By following different educations and enriching myself in different areas, I found a lot of answers. As a core value, connection with your source, creativity and spirituality has become my life inspiration and has brought me to where I am now. I would like to transfer this energy to others.

I believe that the best learning method in life is your own  experiences and that others' experiences can provide you  the insights you need on your path, just when you need it.

on the right moment, at the right place, as a tool, as knowledge an experience of yourself or someone else.

I believe that if we can form a network in which we guide each other in the development towards balance, remembering and connecting back to our inexhaustible source, deep falls... 
Because there is trust and just being.... 





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